Moonchild Sanelly Launches Conga Dance Challenge

Moonchild Sanelly initiates a new dance challenge, #CongaFeatYou.

If anyone knows how to start a dance challenge it is the very lovable Moonchild Sanelly. She’s back at it again, set to make Mzansi ladies, and guys of course, dance up a storm. You’re really going to love this one.

In a recent post made on social media, she revealed that she has teamed up with Bacardi for something new. She revealed that the Summer all about the “music, being yourself and doing what moves you”. Of course, all that spells making yourself happy.

She further revealed that she will be a part of a music video which fans will be able to join her own. She calls it “Conga Feat You”. All you have to do is post a video of yourself dancing to the beat, with the #Congafeatyou hashtag. You just might be featured in the upcoming video. Have fun.

John Jabulani

John is a music and media enthusiast who has created content for several years. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is fascinated by stories behind hit songs and also by the artists who create them.

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