Moonchild Sanelly Resists Pressure to Join OnlyFans Platform

The South African musician, Moonchild Sanelly, renowned for her unapologetic and provocative style, has resolutely declined to join OnlyFans, a content subscription service known for its explicit content. Despite her daring persona and bold approach to music, Moonchild has maintained that OnlyFans is not an appropriate platform to showcase her talent.

In response to a fan’s request urging her to join the platform, Moonchild retorted, “I’m paid I don’t need to feed perverts! Also, don’t talk to me like we’re in the same tax bracket! Know your place.” This response ignited amusement amongst her followers, as she mistakenly referred to the “tax bracket” as “text bracket,” leading to a wave of playful corrections from her fans on social media.Moonchild Sanelly Resists Pressure To Join Onlyfans Platform 2Moonchild Sanelly Resists Pressure To Join Onlyfans Platform 3Moonchild Sanelly Resists Pressure To Join Onlyfans Platform 4Moonchild Sanelly Resists Pressure To Join Onlyfans Platform 5

Despite her unconventional style and open-mindedness, Moonchild stands firm against the idea of joining OnlyFans, stating it’s not aligning with her artistic vision. Her candid rejection and the subsequent misspelling blunder have sparked a flurry of reactions and humorous exchanges online.

While the conversation around Moonchild’s decision continues, the artist herself has other concerns, having recently self-isolated following a hospitalization due to COVID-19 after a trip to Malawi. Regardless of the circumstances, Moonchild Sanelly remains an influential figure in the South African music scene, both for her music and her vibrant personality.

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