Moonchild Sanelly Reveals Her Spec But Says She Doesn’t Shoot Shots

Controversial singer and female orgasm advocate m Moonchild Sanelly is impressed with compatriot and media personality Sizwe Dhlomo. At least she made this known when she revealed that she is hoping to have a husband with a mindset like Sizwe’s.

In her own words, “I want a @SizweDhlomo mindset as a man. I love a man who knows better and sober. I’m the kind not many will ever understand, but a Sizwe would. So I wrote a song. In fact a love letter to my future Zulu husband.” She’s known for her boldness, so her take on the media personality may not exactly surprise her core fans.

The revelation that she desires someone with a mindset like the radio presenter had many South Africans wondering if she was indirectly shooting her shot at Sizwe Dhlomo. Well, she has an answer for the curious who would listen to her explanation.

According to her, she said what she said and it does not mean that she is shooting her shot at the media personality or trying to engage him one way or the other, insisting she doesn’t shoot shots.

The ball appears to be in Sizwe Dhlomo’s court right now on whether to make the move in her direction or not. Left to us, though, we can tell you for free that Moonchild is not Sizwe’s type.

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