Moonchild Sanelly & Sad Night Dynamite Unleash Their “Demon” In New Song

South African singer Moonchild Sanelly has just unleashed the “Demon” in her, aided by the United Kingdom duo Sad Night Dynamite.

If you know Moonchild Sanelly, you probably also already know that she relishes controversy and has never shied from courting the same with her song and her personality. You may include her choices.

Although it’s an invigorating bop, “Demon” might not have everyone nodding at it, especially the religious nuts out there and those who are way too quick to judge a song by its title and not its lyrics and quality.

“Demon” means a lot to Moonchild because it’s the first time she’s worked with Sad Night Dynamite. To her credit, she did well alongside them.

The song bears the same exuberant energy unmistakable in songs from her orbit. And while not her finest drop, “Demon” is yet a song worth hearing, and we think you will have a wonderful time vibing with it.

We wouldn’t encourage you to extend a hand to Lucifer, but then it wouldn’t hurt to embrace Moonchild Sanelly’s “Demon.” Go ahead and do the needful if you care to have that exuberant break only Moonchild Sanelly knows how to give. Your time starts now.

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