Moonchild Says She Doesn’t Stand For Selling Sex

Moonchild Sanelly says what she stands for isn't selling sex

Moonchild Sanelly says that what she stands for isn’t selling sex.

Mzansi singer, Moonchild Sanelly has made her way to the front of the music scene doing what she does best. For as long as we have known her, she has been unapologetic and raw, speaking her mind, and being raw.

She has always encouraged women to be comfortable in their bodies and to show it off. However, not everyone is comfortable with all that she represents. The Mzansi star recently tweeted encouraging parents to have conversations about sex with their children. She revealed that a lack of it (sex education) could lead to curiosity without education.

Not many followers agreed with her opinion saying she was only trying to sell sex. Reacting to this, Moonchild corrected the impression saying she does not stand for selling sex. However, she revealed that she believes people should be liberated in having sex.

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