Moozlie Criticizes Her Party Behavior

SA Hip Hop star and brand ambassador Moozlie calls herself out for her party behavior while reacting to a video of herself twerking in the club with Nadia Nakai.

We hear Moozlie is a fantastic human being. At least, her pal Nadia Nakai thinks so. The “Naked” rapper has been through so much this year, but she is starting to shake it off and breathe again. Moozlie is helping with that.

In March, she opened up about her friend Moozlie on Twitter, writing, “Let me tell you about Nomuzi Mabena, she has been holding down people, families and legacies, even when her heart is breaking… what a golden human being! I wish I knew her and her heart a long time ago… she’s done so much with no praise, showed up, and showed out!”

After Nadia shared a video of them twerking in the club, Moozlie called herself out, writing “Someone is gonna need to sit me down & talk. This is so wrong my baby!!”

Moozlie Criticizes Her Party Behavior 2

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