Moozlie & Ginger Trill Confront The Kiffness Singer David Scott For Defending Woolworths Past Decision To Ditch Local Music

The Brand, Woolworth of recent decided to stop the playing of local music from their store and some artistes have come out to show their displeasure on the issue.

As some artistes felt the decision not to play local music was just absurd. some felt they were wasting their time facing Woolworth instead of channeling all their energy towards SABC instead. Among those with this view is The Kiffness band member David Scott who got into a back and forth argument with female rapper Moozlie. The band member felt artist who cried out about the Woolworth situation also send their music to SABC stations without paying any money for intellectual property but still have the gut to fight Woolworth for not playing their music.

Moozlie and Ginger Thrill who had also expressed their displeasure at the decision by Woolworth didn’t agree with David’s view and decided to give him a piece of their mind.

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