Moozlie Says She Styled Nasty C’s “I Love It Here” Album Cover

Moozlie revealed she was the brain behind Nasty C’s styling for the “I Love It Here” album.

Moozlie is one celeb who has shown Mzansi her many talents. She appeared on YFM and spoke about styling SA Hip Hop star Nasty C for his album cover. She said, “Probably my biggest styling gig for sure, shout out to Nasty C. He dropped a pretty little bag on me so shout out Nasty C.”

She continued, “I think that was one of my bigger ones outside of the Era campaign because I’m the Creative Director of Era by DJ Zinhle. I style all of that, curate all the joints for that. If you look at my swag, I’m not just Moozlie, I’m Moozlie stylist because Moozlie is a style icon, so keeping it at that level so consistently takes a lot of work. So I’m Moozlie stylist.”

“I’ve also styled DJ Zinhle a couple of times, but Nasty C was definitely the biggest one. It was such a cool thing to do man. So dope for me to be able to be a part of projects in so many different ways. I think people would think like, dont you want to be on Nasty C’s project I would be like yes, but God just has a way of putting you on,” Moozlie said.

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