Moozlie Talks Experiencing Cyclone During Mauritius Vacation

Mzansi star Moozlie opens up about experiencing a cyclone while on a vacation in Mauritius.

Moozlie put in so much work last year, so it is well-deserved if she wants to relax. According to reports, the star is on vacation with her friends Thabsie and Kwesta’s wife, Yolanda Vilakazi.

Unfortunately, their fun was cut short as Tropical Cyclone Belal wreaked havoc in the country and even made international headlines. Taking to her social media page, she revealed how disappointed she was.

“This cyclone experience has been so wild. Not the vacation I had imagined. But having this happened in Jan is a little reminder that God will see me thru any storm this year has coming my way,” she wrote.

However, she voiced her gratitude, saying that she felt thankful for being protected from the storm by God. She continued, “Also feeling beyond grateful that I was in a warm bed with a roof over my head. God is good!”

SAHipHopMag reports that the “Mauritius Meteorological Service (MMS) declared a level 4 warning, signifying the highest alert level. The warning came after the storm’s impact near the southern coast on Tuesday morning, with winds reaching approximately 90 km/h (56 mph).” Only one death was recorded at the time.

Moozlie Talks Experiencing Cyclone During Mauritius Vacation 2

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