Moozlie Talks Preserving Energy, Music Culture & Industry Breakthrough With Riky Rick

How much do you know and the trajectory of her music dreams and career in Mzansi? What about her take on culture and the industry generally? What has Moozlie been up to recently?

You might be in for some serious filing in. The songstress recently had a sit-down with Cotton Fest’s on the 8th episode of LAB LIVE.

In conversation with Riky Rick, the songstress spoke on many subjects, from energy to culture to breakthrough in the industry. It is like you never knew her.

The songstress would reaily joke that she is always doing the most but will never try to do too much. Well, whether she was serious or was just being jocund, it is clear that Providence has favoured her and she isn’t doing badly as an artiste.

By the way, is but one of several Mzansi musis had interviewed on the circuit of LAB LIVE. And he isnt done yet.

Well, what do you think of Moozlie’s take on the music industry and culture, and her big break? You night wany stream the whole interview with below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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