Moozlie’s Reaction To Costa Titch’s New Song ‘Thembi’ Feat. Boity Has Fans Assume She’s Shading Boity

Moozlie's reaction to the brand new single released by Costa Titch, which features Boity, has got fans to assume that she is beefing Boity.

It looks like South African rapper, Moozlie, has given her fans reasons to assume that she has started a ‘beef’ with another female rapper.

The talented rapper caused a buzz on social media when she reacted to a brand new single released by Costa Titch, which features Boity Thulo. Several people have reacted to the newly-released single and amongst them is Moozlie. The ‘Sfun’ukwazi’ rapper reacted with sick emojis.

The hip hop scene confuses fans sometimes as they would wonder if an action is truly a ‘beef.’ Talented rapper, Moozlie, has not clarified when she meant by reacting with those emojis.

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker has advised female rappers to beef and ever since then, fans have been looking out for which female artist is trying to shade another. Some fans have even assume that was trying to shade her fellow rapper, Rouge.

Moozlie’s reaction had people to assume that she was shading Boity Thulo. When a thing is amazing, people use the slang ‘sick.’ Well, the sick emojis could also mean the opposite. This is the reason fans are confused as they are trying to figure out what Moozlie truly meant by using such reactions.

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