Moozlie’s Reacts to The Big Hash Name Dropping Her on a Diss

More light has been shed by The Big Hash on the issue that involves Moozlie and J Molley. After The Big Hash dropped a diss track that was dedicated to J Molley, he, thereafter, released a lengthy statement which detailed what happened between him and the two rappers.

To prove to us that he was moved by the actions of J Molley and Moozlie, The Big Hash dropped a new single and titled it ‘I’m Sorry.’ The single is produced by 808x.

The Big Hash stated in the song that:

Carried a coffin big enough to carry Mooz’ and Molley.

The rapper’s statement has taken us through the process as he wrote:

Just to be clear with everyone, i got all the love in the world for him as an artist but he wanted this. I had the decency to reach out to Moozlie about the song I’m Sorry and she was more than fine with it, the same with J himself.

Mind you when i got a hold of these people it was a day before my birthday. literally a week before that song came out. In fact i broke the news about the line about him on a video call and he was fine with it.

The talented rapper, Moozlie, has reacted to her name being on the map. She wrote:

Big Sis Mooz serving peace & love always.

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