Morda Bongz Allegedly Steals All Black Motion Studio Equipments

Lol. LMAO. Of course, that is not a way to start a story, but what follows is as funny as it can’t get, and one ends up spluttering with laughter before getting down to writing anything coherent. Lol.

Murdah bongs, now Morda, has (allegedly) stolen all the equipment belonging to Black Motion, a two-man group of which he was one of the members.

Maybe this shouldn’t be funny given that the allegations are pretty heavy and could send a guilty person into the slammer. But then, this is not the first time it had been claimed that Murdah Bongz had stolen equipment from the studio previously belonging to the Black Motion duo.

At the time of the initial claim, it was also noted that it wasn’t the first time such had happened, but it was overlooked then. But the second time was reported to the police authorities.

Amid the report then, Murdah Bongz had made fun of the theft allegations against him by sharing a clip of him partying hard. The caption mocked his accusers as it showed “the most wanted man in South Africa” having the time of his life.

In the latest theft case, Spirit Motion, the record label to which Black Motion was signed, is suing Murdah Bongz for breaking and entering, as well as theft of studio equipment.

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