Mörda Gifted DJ Zinhle An Engagement Ring On Her 40th Birthday

Piano star Mörda gifted hit woman DJ Zinhle an engagement ring on her 40th birthday.

Guys, love is in the air. We are so glad we witnessed the love between DJ Zinhle and her man Mörda. The former Black Motion star has been at her side for a while now, and their love has only grown stronger.

Last year, the two tied the traditional knot, and fans were happy to hear that. Their son, “Asante,” is a whole bundle of joy. When we thought they wouldn’t give us any more surprises, they dominated the news again.

We hear that Mörda put a ring on it on her 40th birthday to show the world that his woman is taken. The “Umlilo” star took to social media to show off the shiny engagement ring and tell the world how much she loves her man. Fans have taken to the comments section to congratulate the queen.

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