More Details As A-Reece Prepares For “Reece Effect Tour” Johannesburg

After what many A-Reece fans consider a disappointing moment following the second postponement of his Reece Effet tour, they should be pleased to know that so much is taking place behind the scenes and the songster himself is finally gearing up to great them to good music.

The tour was postponed twice, the latest being this December, but A-reece made it known that it was for good. Now, there would be a bigger venue, which means that more fans will be accommodated, unlike what was previously planned.

Reece Effect is now scheduled to take place at Zone 6. According to the “Paradise” rapper, he is so excited to bring the concert to that venue in Johannesburg. Other cities are also in the bag for the concert, A-Reece stated that he is excited about it all, assuring his fans that the wait will be worth it ultimately.

His assurances had provoked nothing short of greater excitement among the slimes, as his fans are collectively known. The ball now appears in A-Reece’s court. It’s up to him now not to disappoint when the show eventually holds in the first quarter of next year. We will be here to bring more details to you, so tag along

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