More Drama As Ambitiouz Entertainment Releases Blaq Motion’s Danya Dev’s Album Against His Timeline

The drama continues between Ambitiouz Entertainment and its former signee Danya Devs, who happens to be a part of the two-man band Blaq Diamond.

Danya had informed fans that his solo album “Inkosi Yoshuni” would be out on May 24, but the record label beat him to it, releasing the project early and sharing a link to it on its official Twitter account.

“Bon appétit,” the label wrote in its caption which also bore a link to stream the album on Apple Music and other platforms. The post had been “liked” 113 times at the time of writing.

Danya Devs has also said nothing about the early release of the project by the record label. He, like his friend and former member of Blaq Diamond, no longer wants to have anything to do with Ambitouz Entertainment – easily one of the most controversial record labels in South Africa.

While both friends insist their relationship with Ambitiouz is over, the label insists that they have a subsisting contract. It remains to be seen how Danya Devs would react to this “ambush” by Ambitiouz, if at all.

The record label is infamous for having fought most of the artists signed to it. So the drama with Blaq Diamond is not at all surprising.

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