More Jobs Advertised At SASSA – How To Apply

The South African Social Security Agency (SOSSA) has new openings for those who might want to join the establishment.

As far back as October, the agency advertised several positions on its site. And now, in a new move that snagged the attention of many social media users, it has advertised more vacancies as well.

The latest advertisements had some netizens wondering if the agency didn’t get all the people it wanted when it made the initial announcement over two months ago, or whether the latest announcements are entirely new.

There are several advertisements, each leading to a separate job page, as well as the requirements for the job. One would have to follow the link to the job one wants to apply for. There is no other way to apply.

Among others, SASSA has internship positions for the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, North-West, and the Free State.

SASSA has been around for a while but gained the most resonance during the coronavirus pandemic and somewhat later, when the terrors were yet to fade. It was a measure meant to help those in need and those struggling amid the wide-sweeping changes provoked by the pandemic. The agency is still very much around.

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