Mortimer Williams Wounded In Melville Shooting While Performing

Mortimer Williams is thankful to be alive and responding to treatment after being shot in the Melville drive-by shooting.

It was previously reported that in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a black SUV drove past Poppy’s restaurant in Melville. It sprayed bullets, killing two people and injuring six others.

Brig Mathapelo, the Gauteng police spokesperson, stated that the deceased were between ages 30-40.

Mortimer Williams, who is also a musician, heard gunshots when he was performing at the restaurant. It was then he realised that he had been hit.

We did the countdown and everything seemed fine. We didn’t know of any altercations between anyone. I saw a friend who I hadn’t wished a happy new year yet and when I went outside to do so, I heard this noise. It sounded like (fire) crackers going off but then I felt the effect and realised I had been shot.

He related the incident.

I hit the ground and said ‘Oh God, I have just been shot. There were people dropping next to me. It was chaotic. The paramedics, police and security arrived very swiftly. There were people taking off their shirts to stop the bleeding and trying to help all those who were injured.

He was rushed to ER of a local hospital, where his injury was being treated.

A bullet missed my left kidney by a few millimetres and went through the top of my pelvis. It didn’t shatter it but left a hole. Luckily, they didn’t have to operate on it, but I have been given medication and am being treated.

Investigations are being made for two cases of murder and six attempted murder cases. However, no one has been arrested.

To identify those responsible for the shooting, the Police have solicited for assistance.

Peters said:

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have information that could lead to the apprehension of the suspects is urged to report to the police by calling the crime stop number 08600 10111 or by giving a tip-off on the MySAPS app, anonymously if they so choose.

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