Moses Kotane Festival: Jub Jub Releases Statement Dismissing Keabetswe Mokoena’s Claims

It appears like a new season od drama has started in the loife of Mzansi rapper jub jub after an associate and business partner Keabetswe Mokoena reportedly accused him of using derogatory words about her mother’s privates.

A traditional media house had broken the news over the weekend, indiating Jub Jub and Keabetswe Mokoena were working on a joint art project. But then the project hahd had to be cancelled as a resuklt of the conflict between the two.

However, reacting to the whole claim, Jub Jub had denied it all, insisting that the claim was untrue. Regarding their joint project, which goes b y the name the Moses Kotane festival, the rapper noted that he isn’t prepared to say much. But he insisted that the allegations agaisnt him are not true. He said he had to cancel the show to save his brandYou can check out the statement below.

Jub Jub has had several contrioversies in his career, including being accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. For his part, he had accused her of witchcraft. However, he had to apologise along the line.

In the latest crisis with Keabetswe Mokoena, it’s unclear whose side of the story holds true

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