Moses Tembe Reveals He Has ‘Strong Evidence’ on AKA

Moses Tembe says he has strong evidence on the late AKA for the death of his daughter Anele.

Melinda Ferguson’s new book “When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele” has been shaking lots of tables. Moses Tembe revealed in the book that he received a preliminary police report relating to his daughter Anele’s death on the eve of her funeral.

He said,

“I got the reports that gave me the dull evidence of what had really happened on the night before my daughter’s funeral. Look, it was 99% sure that Anele did not kill herself.”

Also, an excerpt from the book reads,

“In a leaked letter to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the Tembe family documented the ‘evidence’ that they believed AKA had ‘pushed’ Anele off the balcony. The letter was sent two weeks after the NPA informed the family in June 2022 that they would not be prosecuting anyone in the death of Anele Tembe, namely AKA.”

The Citizen writes that the letter revealed reports of;

  • Blood in the Pepperclub Hotel room and on clothing, and scratches on the rapper’s back. This proves they had a physical altercation.
  • Blood on towels, meaning AKA had “cleaned up” after Anele’s fall.
  • No fingerprint evidence on the balcony Anele reportedly climbed over.
  • Forensic evidence proving that Anele landed a distance away from the hotel. This indicated that she had been pushed and did not jumped.

Moses Tembe said, “I believe Anele ended the relationship with him… Controlling men can’t handle women who stand up to them”.

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