Moshe Ndiki Apologises for Defending Disgraced Doctor Nandipha Magudumana

Popular Mzansi actor Moshe Ndiki takes to Twitter to apologize to fans for defending disgraced actor Nandipha Magudumana.

Everyone makes mistakes, and Mzansi knows this. It is humbling to see people own up to their mistakes and apologize for them. Moshe Ndiki is the latest celeb who is apologizing for some of the things he tweeted last month.

When news of Thabo Bester and his girlfriend, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana broke, and Mzansi blasted them on social media, Moshe took to Twitter to defend her. He tweeted the following message;

“Uba ndim orongo Ndirongo but for now, I’ll defend just like y’all will attack until kuthiwa urongo, so till then, I stand by what I stand, Tsek ke chomi zam ♥️.” Mzansi was not impressed by it.

The former “Gomora” actor is not taking back his words. It seems he finally saw the light. He recently took to Twitter to share that he felt betrayed by the doctor. He shared an apology to his fans for supporting her and admitted that he got it all wrong.

He went as far as to ask his fans if they were still cool with him. Of course, Mzansi was touched by his apology, and they made sure he knew that.


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