Moshe Ndiki Celebrates His Boyfriend Mzie’s Birthday

Moshe Ndiki celebrates his man Mzie’s birthday with a beautiful message and clips of their time together.

Moshe Ndiki is neck-deep in love, and he’s showing the world how much his man means to him. The famous “The Queen” actor took to Instagram to celebrate his man’s birthday a few days ago, and he poured his heart and soul into it.

Moshe shared a montage of videos of them and the fun they have had as a couple. In the videos, we see them being each other’s baes. They are seen playing and having fun, sleeping (one awake watching the other sleep), etc.

In the message, Moshe poured his heart out and confessed his deep love for Mzie. He revealed that they had promised to love each other even if the romantic love never lasts. He also shared his belief that the love he wanted to give and receive exists. Read the full post below.

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