Moshe Ndiki Celebrates His Twins A 6 Months Old

Since his surrogate mother got pregnant for him, it has been one celebration to the other for South African media personality Moshe Ndiki. With the kids already six months old, the celebration has not stopped for Moshe.

In fact, it has only taken new, beautiful dimensions, and Moshe is determined y’all should know, This shouldn’t;t even be surprising, seeing as he has always shared about his adventures to becoming a father.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Moshe shared snaps of the kids, pointing out that they are halfway to one year while also noting that both of them are the sweetest letters he has received from God. You can check out the post below.

Moshe Ndiki has passed his Sugar era and couldn’t be happier with his current blessings.

Sugar was the name of his dog which died suddenly years ago. It was an unexpected and painful moment for him, and he mourned the dog, eventually giving it an elaborate funeral which provoked mixed feelings from netizens.

But with Moshe becoming a father now, it is doubtful he is still feeling the pain of losing his beloved dog. Well, here’s to more years for the Ndiki twins.

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