Moshe Ndiki Shares Picture Of Him In Warm Embrace With New Boyfriend

Saul Bellow’s words, “When the dear disappears, there is another dear waiting near,” continues to manifest before us, with the most recent example coming from the life of South African media personality Moshe Ndiki.

Moshe had been through a lot already, from a failed relationship with Phelo Bala to losing his companion dog, Sugar Ndiki. But out of that history of upheaval has sprouted an amaranth, and he couldn’t be happier: there is a new lover in his life.

Of course, for most people, when beauty enters the picture, the default reaction is to celebrate and share the news with others. And that was exactly what Moshe Ndiki did. In a post on his verified Instagram page, he had shared pictures of himself and his new boyfriend in a deep embrace.

The caption to his post indicated he was happy to have found love again and more than chuffed to let his fans know. Interestingly, the reactions to his post indicated that his fans were happy for him as well. Most wished him the best going forward – a better relationship that he would always live to speak the best about and not something that would drag him into regret street. Some solidarity.

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