Moshe Ndiki Takes Over From Jub Jub As Host Of #YouPromisedToMarryMe

Moshe Ndiki is set to replace as the host of television show You Promised to Marry me.

The show’s previous host, Jub Jub, will be taking a break to focus on music, leaving the beat for another notable television personality.

recently released “Ndikhokhele (Remix)” in collaboration with Nathi, Rebecca Malope, Benjamin Dube, Mlindo The Vocalist, Tkinsky, Judith Sephuma, Blaq Diamond and Lebo Sekgobela.

More numbers might follow as the songster focuses on music, leaving the beat to another figure.

Moshe Ndiki, an associate of another musician and television personality Somizi, is excited about taking over. He shared a teaser of the show on his Instagram page days ago.

According to his post, the show premieres on Moja Love channel 157 at 9pm Sundays.

Some fans have expressed excitement at the news of Moshe Ndiki taking over from Jub Jub. And some, who had opposed Jub Jub’s hosting the show at the outset, are equally excited, having opposed from the beginning because he had killed a student while drunk and driving

What do you think of Moshe Ndiki replacing on the show You Promised To Marry Me? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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