Mpho And Gash: HOH Drama And The Race To Win R2 Million Big Brother Mzansi Prize

It’s a new week and a time to determine who will take the position of the Head Of Houe (HOH) in Biggie’s house.

and Gash1 are seriously in the race for it. But had told them that they cannot count on him to win the position. They will have to do that on their own. He knew he owed Libo a favor and wanted to pay it back.

Also, it turns out and Gash 1 are among the most nominated for eviction. But they happen to dodge the eviction blow each time. This has led to frustration among some viewers of the shower, who wonder out loud why their celebrity faves should be evicted while “little known” housemates continue to dodge eviction every time.

With the season nearing its conclusion, some viewers think and Gash1 are seriously in the race to win the R2 million prize, with only as their biggest competition.

Now in its third season, Big Brother Mzansi has continued to retain the attention of viewers, with fans storming social media every minute to share their thoughts on what’s going on in Biggie’s house.

By the way, the reality show will end soon, and expectations are pretty high on who might emerge winner. Go a guess?

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