Mr Beast Biography: Age, Gaming, Parents, Siblings, House, Cars, Net Worth & Girlfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: MrBeast
Real Name: Jimmy Donaldson
Occupation: YouTuber
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  Wichita, Kansas, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Greenville Christian Academy

Mr Beast Biography

MrBeast is the adopted professional name of an American YouTuber and game whose birth name is Jimmy Donaldson. He is the youngest of two children and one of the earliest to see the potential in YouTube and exploit the same.

In the years since establishing his YouTube channel, he has experienced rapid and steady growth and emerged as one of the most followed channels on the platform.

The success of his videos made him delve into the gaming world, and he established another channel focused on that.

Not only does MrBeast delight in creating empowering videos, but he also revels in magnanimity as well. He is that bloke who performs random acts of kindness like nobody’s business.


Given how much MrBeast has accomplished in just a few years, many people who didn’t know him previously are surprised that he is just 24 years old. He will be 25 a few months from now.


MrBeast is also into the gaming universe, and you can join him there, also via his discord server. Given how popular he has become globally, his delving into the world of gaming is by no means surprising.

By the way, MrBeast Gaming is also the name of the American’s third YouTube channel and the second with the most subscribers. The purpose of the channel is spelt out in the name.


MrBeast’s parents are Mr and Mrs Stephen Donaldson. While his mother is known to be a homemaker, his father is a businessman. Jimmy especially has a close relationship with his mother and has once surprised her with a home makeover and $10k in cash.


MrBeast has just one sibling, Charles “CJ” Donaldson. He is also into content creation, like his younger brother, but he is not as famous.

Given MrBeast’s impressive fortune, people often wonder where he lives and what his looks like. It is also imagined that a man with his fortune would have a mighty villa where he passes the time.

Interestingly, it is not exactly easy to place the YouTuber, as he has houses in not one but several states across the United States. He is, for instance, known to have homes in Kansas, Los Angeles, and Georgia.

Given his endless thirst for new locations to shoot his video, his owning several houses shouldn’t be surprising.


One area where MrBeast stands out as much as his YouTube channel is in his love for fast cars and acquisition of the same. His collection of vehicles is truly impressive, encapsulating the BMW i8, a Tesla Model 3, a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, a Dodge Grand Caravan, and a Mercedes G63 AMG.

Net Worth

MrBeast is one of the wealthiest content creators on any platform, from YouTube to Instagram. However, he is most prominent on YouTube, where he has made a sizeable fortune from his videos. Estimates of MrBeast’s net worth vary, depending on the source. However, we’ll go with Forbes, which estimates his personal fortune at an impressive $500 million.


If you have your eyes open and are angling to snag MrBeast, you might have to close your eyes in the interim, as the YouTuber is already in a relationship.

Rhea Booysen is the current girlfriend of MrBeast. She currently lives in South Africa, which means that the two are in a long-distance relationship. Of course, it is no walk in the park, but they get on pretty well, exchanging visits as they should.

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