Mr Brown and Former ‘Rhythm City’ Actress Itu Bokaba Have Split

Open Mic Productions producer Mr. Brown and former “Rhythm City” star Itu Bokaba have ended things. We hear Itu found out he was married.

Some romance stories never end well, especially when they involve our celebrities. According to reports, Open Mic Productions star Mr. Brown and former Rhythm City actress Itu Bokaba were formerly romantically involved.

According to Zimoja, Itu had no idea he was married and had a kid with his wife. When she found out, she ended things because she could never be with a married man. A source told the publication that “they used to work together and date. But it’s done.”

“But Itu would never be with a married man. She is a lady and has a child too… she can handle anything but not a married man. That’s out of character for her.” The Zimbabwean star, Mr Brown, is also rumoured to have been deported from the country.

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