Mr JazziQ Explains He How Handles Fame, How To Pronounce His Stage Name and More

Hip-hop ace Riky Rick’s #TeamUpSessions, a podcast partnership with Remy Martin, recorded its sixth episode with a new guest the other day, Mr. Jazziq, of the now-defunct tw0-man band JazziDisciples.

In the interview, the celebrated DJ and producer opens numerous windows into his life, music, and experiences. So at the end of the interview, fans would have known him more than they did previously.

How, for instance, has he been able to handle fame, with many people wanting to see him, associate with him, and take pictures with him? His thoughts on that will interest you.

And for those who have no clue how to pronounce his adopted stage name, Mr. Jazziq, the songster is here to help you as well. He pronounced the name for fans who don’t know and for those who have been mispronouncing at all along.

But there’s more in that interview – stuff you’re better off hearing directly from Mr. Jazziq’s mouth. We’ll leave you to find the meat of it all, for we know you can do with that explorative adventure.

You can check out the detailed video interview in the accompanying embed below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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