Mr JazziQ Tattoos Mpura’s Face On His Hand (Photo)

Amapiano hitmaker, has tattooed his late friend, and collaborator, Mpura’s face on his hand.

There is no doubt that it has been hard for the most of us to let go of and Killer Kau’s tragic passing. Last year, the news of their fatal accident hit Mzansi like a shocker, and everyone including their close friends tried to make peace with the fact that they’re gone.

While Mzansi got a full view of Lady Du’s struggles, mourned his friend behind the scenes. Last month, he opened up saying “With you (Mpura) I didn’t lose a friend or an acquaintance but someone who became a brother. I’m still saying it hurts. I miss you.”

Yesterday, JazziQ showed Mzansi how much meant to him. He revealed that he tattooed the late hitmaker’s face on his right arm. The photo has been circulating social media, and everyone loves it. Truly, the Amapiano star lives on. Check out the photo below.

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