Mr Macaroni Announces Engagement to Mummy Wa, But are They Really Engaged?

Nigerian skit maker Debo Adedayo, long famous by his adopted stage name Mr Macaroni, has announced his engagement to his colleague Mummy Wa, and social media has been abuzz since. 

But are the two really getting engaged? Opinions have been massively divided on whether the two of them are in earnest or just serving fans a fleeting humour break. 

For one, the two of them have been collaborators for a long time and could be on another project but are using engagement as a gimmick to draw more attention.

Mummy Wa also posted about her engagement to Mr Macaroni, further pushing the narrative that the two of them are indeed engaged. You can check out her post below.

Of course, for those who have been crushing on either of the two skit makers, the report of their engagement is terrible news. But until the two of them formally get married, you all may want to chill and wait.

Mr Macaroni Announces Engagement To Mummy Wa, But Are They Really Engaged? 2

By the way, Pulse, citing sources close to Mummy Wa, notes that it was not a real engagement but part of a shoot the two are working on. More details about the shoot will be out in the coming days, according to the same source.

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