Mr Music touches hearts performing Ringo’s song on Idols SA

Mr Music’s Sunday performance of Ringo’s song on Idols SA touches a lot of hearts.

The current season of Idols SA has showcased some very amazing talent, and it’s been amazing to see. One of the season’s top 5 acts, Mr Music is making a legion of fans for himself on the show with his performances.

This Sunday, November 15, the talented vocalist delivered a rendition of Ringo’s song “Ndiyagodola”,Β and the audiences and viewers couldn’t contain their joy. It was so good that viewers took to social media to voice their excitement. Like many of the show’s previous contestants, some believe that he has amassed a ton of fans for himself.

Others believe he will advance to the top 3. That might just be the case with that impressive performance. Even Ringo would be impressed. The song was released back in 2018 and has become a favourite for many Ringo fans in the country.

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