Mr P of P-Square Drums Support For Peter Obi

In Nigeria. The presidential elections are pretty close, and the candidates are doing everything to sell themselves to the electorate, including Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

It turns out the interest in Peter Obi as presidential material and his ability to liberate Nigeria syncs so much with the youthful populace, and they have been doing all in their power to show their support for him.

Among the notable voices supporting Obi so far is Peter Okoye of the Nigerian boyband P-Square. He’s been among the most vociferous so far, tweeting his support for his namesake and blocking those criticising him for supporting the former governor of Anambra state.

The publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu, thinks Peter Obi has no chance in the election next year, but Peter Okoye believes otherwise. According to him, politicians intentionally create hardships for the people so they can rule as they like.

But Obi will rewrite the story as Nigerians know it – something for the better. You can check out some of his tweets below.

Mr P Of P-Square Drums Support For Peter Obi 2Mr P Of P-Square Drums Support For Peter Obi 3

Many people think Obi has no chance because elections are usually rigged in the country. But Obi can pull off a great surprise on election day next year. Who knows?

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