Mr Smeg Dragged Into Chris Excel and Samke Twar

Twitter influencer Mr. Smeg was dragged into former lovers Chris Excel and Samke’s online war.

We doubt if there will ever be a week where there is no drama between some of the recognized names in the country. This time, two of the country’s most talked-about influencers, Chris Excel and Samke, faced off for reasons best known to them.

The gist is that they used to be lovers before they fell out and parted ways. We hear Chris moved on with a new girl. Eyebrows were raised when Chris accused Samke of being a deadbeat mother with two kids and spreading HIV and AIDS through her vagina.

Reacting to this, Samke shared a photo of the girl with who Chris is currently in a relationship and claimed that he used to love her and her HIV-spreading vagina. The two went back and forth, severally calling each other out for various reasons.

Tweeps believe that for the first time, Samke emerged victorious. Tweeps have been waiting for someone to put Chris in his place for so long. She opened up about their time together and put a face to the name. Somehow, Mr. Smeg was dragged into the mix. He was called out for labeling Chris Excel’s tweets as “content”.

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