Mr Thela & Mshayi Officially Becomes Business Partners As The Jointly Start A Record Label

Mr Thela & Mshayi become business partners as they start their jointly owned record label

Mr Thela and Mshayi announce new business partnership as they begin their jointly owned record label.

The friendship that Cape Town DJs, Mshayi and Mr Thela have is quite inspiring to watch. The two stars regard themselves as brothers, something that’s rare in the music industry. A recent post via Thela’s Instagram reads that the two found brotherhood through “artistry and music”.

While we know them for collaborating together, they are taking things up a notch with a new business partnership. The two shared a few photos to their social media pages which sees them signing a legal agreement to be co-owners of a new record label called “Mshaya Records”. They revealed it would put Cape Town artists on the map.

It is quite inspiring to see how far the two stars have come with their music. Some weeks back, they revealed that fans have been asking them to collaborate again following the success of their joint release “iParty”. They responded with the release of three remixes including “Oceans” by Hillsong United, “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish, and the Money Heist anthem “Bella Ciao”.

All three releases were a done a week apart from each other. It led up to the release of their joint EP “Make Cape Town Great Again” which was a huge success.

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