Ms Cosmo Opens Up About Tapping Into Gqom

Ms Cosmo has opened up about tapping into the Gqom sound with her new song “Woza La,” featuring Blxckie, Kamo Mphela, RudeBoyz & Nobantu Vilakazi.

Ms. Cosmo surprised everyone when she dropped a Gqom jam with Blxckie, Kamo, RudeBoyz, and Nobantu. In a recent interview with YFM, she spoke about her decision to jump on the sound.

“Hip Hop just took like a little bit of a deep, internationally, not even just in South Africa. The world was giving us some other kind of Hip Hop, and I wasn’t inspired to do that anymore,” Ms Cosmo said.

“I was like okay, let me look back at home and see what else is inspiring me, what else do I love, where else do I connect, and Gqom has always been something for me,”

She also said artists have been releasing serious music, and she wanted to do something fun.

“I’m half Zulu, half Xhosa, so you know, so Eastern Cape here with its Gqom, Durban and its Gqom. So I was like you know what this actually speaks to who I am as a person and it fits so well with what I want to do, just to have fun. I also feel like people are making serious music, so here is something that I wanted to throw in and see how we fool around with it.”

She also opened up about playing the song for Blxckie,

“When I played him the beat he was like ‘eeh which one is this one’ and I was like just do it and he wrote the same time. Khamo also, because you know she does like a little bit of a Gqom session in her performances, so already knew she was gonna jump on and it’s gonna be fire.”

Ms Cosmo - Woza La (feat. Blxckie, Kamo Mphela, RudeBoyz & Nobantu Vilakazi) [Official Audio]


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