Msaki Piloried For Ruining Smash Afrika & Kefiloe’s Marriage

South African singer Msaki has been accused of wrecking the home of a fellow woman by having an affair with her husband.

The songstress is reportedly having an affair with Smash Afrika, the husband of radio personality Kefiloe Chuene. He had reportedly found a photo of Msaki kissing her husband as well as letters in which she expressed love for her husband, among other evidence of infidelity.

Amid the infidelity claims, Msaki has been facing condemnations from members of the public, with some asking why she should choose to wreck the home of another lady when she could very well have her own man and have access to what she wanted.

According to Kefiloe, there is a protection order that forbids her from talking to the public about the matter. So she’s keeping quiet on it. However, she still noted that she will speak on the subject someday. For now, she is just keeping quiet in order not to violate the legal gag.

Msaki has not responded to the allegations that she is having an affair with another woman’s husband—at least not as of this writing.

At any rate, she wouldn’t be the first woman to be accused of messing around with another woman’s husband.

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