Mthandazo Gatya Amped By Metro FM Music Awards Nomination

For almost everyone out there, the goal is to thrive and win. But life is so unpredictable that not everyone actually thrives or wins. of course, for those who are thriving, there is so much to celebrate and be grateful for.

South African musician Mthandazo Gatya holds a spot among those who are thriving. As a musician, his songs entertain a whole nation and have even earned him fans in South Africa.

Of course, it is all shades of fulfilling to be nominated for an award, as recently happened. It shows that not only are people listening to his music, but they appreciate them as well.

Yup. The songster has just earned a  Metro FM Music Awards nomination for his song “In 2 U.” Excited about this milestone in his career, he took to his official Instagram page where he informed fans about the nomination.

Beyond that, he also urged them to vote for him in the Best Music Video category to ensure he eventually wins the award. You can check out the post below.

Of course, the dream is to win, but whether he eventually wins or not, the fact that he was nominated indicates the public’s interest in the music video he put out.

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