Multichoice Faces Legal Storm Over Queen Modjadji Series

The spectre of a lawsuit is currently looming over the head pg Multichoice over its announcing that the “Queen Modjadji” series is under production.

A member of the Modjadji royal family is threatening to sue the producers for not having consulted with the family before attempting to make a series about the Rain Queen.

At the time of writing, and vide a post by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, no legal document has been filed against the network yet. So far, only a threat to sue Multichoice for not having consulted with the family first has been made. You can check out Phil’s post below.

Whether the family will go ahead with its threat by filing a case against Multichoice is unclear. But the threat highlights the vitality of carrying a family along when a film is being made about one of its members.

It remains to be seen where the case will lead to.

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