Multichoice: People Are Canceling Their DStv Subscription For Yanking Off RT (Russia Today) Channel

subscribers are gearing for war in what is seen as a great response to the network for removing channel 407 (Russia Today) from the network.

At the time the channel vanished from the networks, DStv subscribers were incredulous and they wondered what was happening. had to issue a statement clarifying the issue.

In the statement, the network noted that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union for invading Ukraine had led to the Russian Channel being unavailable.

But subscribers weren’t buying the clarification. They insisted that restore the channel – or lose them as clients.

Last we checked, has not restored the channel, and some DStv subscribers are carrying out their threats by unsubscribing from the network.  You can check out some of the reactions so far below.

Amid the anger over the discontinuation of Russia today on the DStv network, some South Africans are suggesting alternatives to the network and ditch DStv for good.

Some South Africans are just miffed that DStv had blocked them on without addressing their grievances. From the look of things, this drama will play for a while. We’ll be here to bring you more details, so stay tuned.

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