Multichoice Rubbishes Claims “Shaka iLembe” Script Was Stolen From Themba Ndaba

The flick Shaka Ilembe is currently the in-thing in South Africa right now. Intriguing and popular, it is a common conversation topic across Mzansi social media. So, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that some people should think that the script was stolen from Themba Ndaba of Teddy Bear Pictures.

What is Shaka Ilembe anyway?

It is the story of Shaka Zulu – the greatest king of the Zulus whose memory continues to live centuries after his death. The latest flick about the historical figure was set in the 1700s and gave insight into Shaka’s life and family and how he emerged as the greatest of the Zulu kings.

It wasn’t the first time a flick about the king would be made. But the current one appears to have trumped anything previously release – n the eyes of most viewers.

But did MultiChoice steal the Shaka Ilembe script?

Themba Ndaba of Teddy Bear Pictures is claiming (per TshishaLIVE) that Bomb Productions stole the script from him and is therefore guilty of intellectual property theft.

Ndaba claimed he was working on a flick called King Shaka Zulu: The Warrior King as far back as 2012 but that financial constraints delayed the project. But by 2017 he was able to secure funding – too late as MultiChoice had already heard about and tan with it faster because it had the money.

MultiChoice dismissed the claims though.

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