Mummy Naomi Campbell: Supermodel Becomes A Mother At 50

American supermodel Naomi Campbell is now the mother of a child – a girl. What makes the birth particularly significant is that Naomi is 50 – an age many didn’t expect she could have a child.

Well, the baby is here and Naomi is “beyond thrilled” to have the baby in her life. Already, she has made it clear she’s sharing a lifelong bond with the child whose face she’s yet to reveal to the world.

Naomi never advertised her pregnancy – only the birth. So the world was justly surprised when she shared an image of her and the child together, the child’s legs in her right hand. She included a deep message about the child’s coming.

Naomi’s mother was equally excited, to have a grandchild. She shared the photograph of mother and child on Twitter, making it known that she had looked forward to this moment.

By the way, in a 2017 interview, Naomi had stated that she had always wanted to be a mother. At the time she was apparently not in a hurry to, since, according to her, she can have a child when she wants – because of science.

Well, what do you think of Naomi Campbell becoming a mother at 50?

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