Murdah Bongz Roasted For Favouring Stepdaughter Kairo Forbes Over His Biological Child Asante

DJ Zinhle’s husband Husband Murdah Bongz has come under fire for allegedly favouring his stepdaughter, Kairo Forbes, over his biological daughter, Asante. A Twitter user with name Azania raised the issue with a tweet.

In the tweet, the user noted how the Black Motion member seemingly posts more about Kairo online and shares warm words about her as well, while ignoring his own daughter.

For context, Kairo Forbes is the product of Murdah Bongz’s current wife DJ Zinhle’s previous relationship with the late rapper AKA. The two had dated and broken up twice. After the second breakup, DJ Zinhle found love with Murdag Bongz. The two later had a child of their own.

Well, in Azania’s tweet, such favouritism will never happen with him. He also made it clear that for favouring his stepdaughter over his biological daughter, he has no respect for Murdah Bongz. Well, Murdah Bongz’s fans were in the comment section to support him as well.

Some of his supporters let Azania know that social media isn’t real life, while some wondered what is wrong if he should show love to a kid who has lost her and is the product of a lady he’s currently married to.

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