Murder Case Against Thabo Bester, The “Facebook Rapist,” Reopened

It is not yet uhuru for Thabo Bester, who switched bodies and reportedly escape in a case that has continued to intrigue members of the public.

Often called the “Facebook Rapist” because he’d reportedly lured women from the social media platform and raped them, Thambo Bester was given a life sentence for murder and rape and jailed in a maximum security prison operated by private security form G4S.

Fire engulfed his prison cell a year ago, and he was reported in some quarters to have perished from the incident as a body was recovered from his cell. But DNA samples indicate that the body recovered from the cell was not his after all.

And with a man bearing a close resemblance to him recently sighted at a mall in Sandton in the company of a celebrity aesthetician, the narrative that he is alive and well and living his best life elsewhere has caught fire.

Now the prison authorities who had insisted that he burned to death in his cell are being forced to have a rethink. And the police, too, are reopening Bester’s file. He had bested them before, but would they be “bester” now? The coming days might have an answer to that.

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