Musa Khawula Allegedly Killed Wandile Wayne Khambule

Khawula is a famous celeb blogger who does a lot on the internet and social media, but the man is a mystery when it comes to his real life. Famous for breaking the news when it comes to scandals about South African celebrities, Musa has consistently dished out some surprising news that turns out to be true. But unfortunately, he has also been wrong in many cases.

Khawula is currently trending for all the wrong reasons, including releasing Mihlali’s number and address to the public, accusing of being the one who stole Zahara’s award plaques and revealing Somizi’s fiancé. However, DJ SBU is not taking the wrong accusation likely with him as he notified the Twitter blogger that a million rands lawsuit is on its way after the accusation.

Like we have not seen the worst yet. Khawula is currently making social media rounds for allegedly killing a man named Wandile Wayne Khambule.

The victim had two kids, a 10-year-old boy and an 8-year-old daughter. a Twitter user named Andile Buhele made the accusation. She posted conversations with the family of the Wandile Wayne Khambule to confirm the alleged killing.

This is an allegation, and we have not been able to confirm anything yet. It is also unclear why he would kill a man and how he did it. However, a thread on Twitter explains why and how killed the father of two.

Many wonder why is still walking the streets while being accused of murder. A Twitter user claimed that the accused acted insane and was let go.

Musa Khawula later came out to deny the allegation, claiming that he does not know who Wandile Wayne Khambule is.

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