Musa Khawula Resurfaces in Viral Video On Social Media

Controversial entertainment critic Musa Khawula finally resurfaces in a video making rounds on social media.

It indeed has been a while since we saw Musa Khawula. Fans were worried about what may have happened to the lively and controversial entertainment critic who always had something to say about everyone important. For some time, Musa has not posted a video on his YouTube channel, and everyone has speculated about where he might be.

Some fans believed that the controversial celeb critic may have been locked up for the murder of Wandile Khambule. His last video was uploaded on his popular channel on 3 September 2023, and it has been two months since.

The atmosphere changed when Musa was recently spotted at Shisa Nyama Spot with a friend. He was since looking okay while holding his friend’s hand. Fans have rejoiced at his sighting and said that it could mean his return to criticizing celebs on YouTube is imminent.

Ihhashi_Turkei wrote, “Me and my friends are following this story closely. Now you guys can stop assuming that he is locked up in a dark cell somewhere.” TheGBrown1 also reacted, “I was waiting for someone to throw a brick on his face.” NtateWilliams called him, “King of Mgozi.”

Watch the video here.

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