Musa Khawula Slams Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini: “TK Should be With Someone Like me”

Media star Musa Khawula slams actress Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini, saying, “TK should be with someone like me.”

Mzansi has been all about drama since the beginning of the year. We all know that anywhere Musa Khawula goes, flames follow. The media star returned to vlogging just as he promised his over-30 thousand YouTube subscribers.

This time, he had words to say about TK Dlamini and his woman. He slammed fans for watching Uzalo and shared that he was surprised that TK got another job after leaving “Uzalo.” He also criticized Jessica Nkosi, calling her older than her age and saying she does not deserve to be with TK.

He said,

“You people still watch Uzalo. I am judging you and my family. I am like, ” are you serious? Are you still watching this nonsense? ” TK had acted on that thing, but I don’t think he had booked another job unless it was like a Mzansi Bioskop nton nton.”

“Maybe I am the one who is wrong.  TK should be with someone like me. Someone nice, but he chose this one, and this one looks so old.”

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