Musa Khawula Under Fire For Insulting AKA & DJ Zinhle’s Daughter Kairo Forbes

Controversial YouTuber Musa Khawula was at it again with a new episode of his Pope of Pop Culture series in which he had addressed Kairo Forbes, the only daughter the later AKA had with DJ Zinhle, with a derogatory name.

He was referencing the little girl’s inheritance at the time he made the comments. How he addressed little Kairo Forbes rubbed many tweeps the wrong way, and most of them condemned him for it, Some members of the Megacy (the collective term for AKA’s fans) even asked that his YouTube channel be reported.

Musa Khawula had his supporters, though – peeps who are more than happy to see him veer into areas others are too scared to go into. You can check out the clip below.

At any rate, Musa Khawula’s actions wouldn’t surprise those who know him, though. The YouTuber thrives in controversies and goes out of his way to court them – perhaps in order to bring attention to his channel and earn some Google Adsense bucks.

In the course of his career, he had had battles with the likes of Moshe Ndiki and AKA himself and fought several other celebrities online. From the look of things, he is certainly not stopping anytime soon.

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