Musa Mseleku Introduces Grandson To The World

Famous polygamist Musa Mseleku’s family is growing rapidly, and he is more than happy to share the news of the growth with his teeming social media followers.

In a recent post on his official Instagram page, the wealthy entrepreneur had introduced his first son Mpumelelo’s first child to the world. He had also introduced the youngster’s second girlfriend, Tirelo Kale.

The post has been liked over 22k times since it was made. The comment section also throbbed with fans celebrating the patriarch of the Mseleku clan, as well as the son whose girlfriend gave birth to Musa’s grandchild. You can check out the post below.

Musa Mseleku is easily one of South Africa’s most famous polygamists. He is always in the news but it is rarely for his business deals. For often than not, when he is in the news, it has to do with his family, his wives, or his decision on polygamy.

The family has a reality show, too, ensuring that they are always being reported out there. Mpumelelo is walking the same path as his father and even has the ambition to beat him in his collection of women. Well, time will tell if he is able to beat his father’s record.

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