Musa Mseleku Shares Picture With His Wives To Celebrate Love

“Uthando Nesthembu” star Musa Mseleku shares a picture with his wife and a post celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone knows how much reality star and businessman Musa Mseleku loves his wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo, and MaNgwabe. He shared a picture with them on Valentine’s Day and wrote about their unity as a polygamous family and their hit show. He wrote,

“What I started at the age of 23 years as a young man seemed to be impossible but look we are here still celebrating love. INdlovukazi MaMkhulu MaCele, INdlunkulu Shibase MaYeni, INdlunkulu MaK MaKhumalo and INdlunkulu Nombela MaNgwabe we might not celebrate Valentine’s but we are indeed celebrating love.”

“We are humbled to have reached season 7 on television which forms part of our business ventures but most importantly we have been together for over 20 years.”

“Most people would often say why all of them are Queens, it is simple the legacy we are building is so great and the culture is dynamic. Their public status has afforded them that indeed the vision is great and the legacy is growing. When they join us Isithembu was not fashionable but they chose sona and Naso Isithembu sabakhetha. As Mina ngiyisithembu naso siyimina.”

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